Help us grow the Steering Committee!

We are now accepting nominations of leaders to join the Resident Action Project Steering Committee! 

We’re seeking leaders who have been personally impacted by housing injustice and/or live in affordable housing. Specifically, we’re searching folks who are eager to: 

  • Organize events, actions, trainings, and more in their region 
  • Mobilize and engage new people in our movement, from your building and/or community;    
  • Coordinate actions and/or connect the Housing Alliance to someone who is able to do so when you’re not available;    
  • Use your own experience with housing instability to build skills around organizing and advocating for statewide change.

We value equity, racial justice and representation of people with multiple marginalized identities. We are therefore seeking nominations from populations, including but not limited to youth/young adults, LGBTQ+, disabilities, Communities of Color, veterans, previously incarcerated individuals, and other communities marginalized in the housing system.

Steering Committee members serve for one year, volunteering roughly 10 hours a month depending on availability and needs. RAP holds the core values of fairness, equity, inclusion, justice, and community.

By participating on this committee, all leaders will receive the following support from the Housing Alliance:

  • Dedicated staff time from the Housing Alliance and Community Change to support the Resident Action Project;
  • Leadership development and training opportunities; 
  • Support around organizing, anti-oppression, advocacy, and policy work; 
  • A budget for the committee to work with; and 
  • Insider knowledge about policy in Olympia. 

For questions or to nominate someone over the phone, please reach out to Kiki Serantes at kikis@wliha.org. Otherwise, use the button below to complete the online nomination form. 

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