About Us

RUN-RAP CT- Group Power 

Resident Action Project — We are the Key to the Future of Housing Advocacy! 

The Washington Resident Action Project (RAP) is a statewide resident base of power. Launched in 2015, RAP — a project of Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund and the Center for Community Change – has been building a powerful resident lead organization. As RAP members we are experts on Washington’s housing crisis, having persevered through the struggle to find and keep roofs over our heads. And now, we’re becoming skilled advocates and organizers who are ready to use our power.

Washington’s housing-affordability crisis is a solvable problem.

All success begins with having an affordable place to live, but past policy decisions have led to sky-high rents and housing prices that are dragging down Washingtonians who are trying to make ends meet and lead successful lives.

Public outcry is growing for Washington’s elected leaders to enact bold policy solutions to fix the crisis. That’s where the Resident Action Project comes in. Join the growing, political force bringing more Washingtonians home.

First Year

In RAP’s first year, we educated ourselves on housing, the electoral process, and the legislative process in order to take strategic action that will make a difference in our communities and our state. As the movement advances to make housing more affordable in Washington, RAP will be at the forefront, educated on housing and homelessness issues, registered to vote, and holding lawmakers accountable for their actions on policies that affect housing affordability and homelessness.

There are approximately 118,000 subsidized homes in Washington. The tenants who live in them represent a substantial political force that can wield immense power if we get organized.

RAP members are:

  • Residents of affordable homes, service providers, and non-profit housing providers.
  • Quickly organizing and expanding throughout Washington.
  • Building resident leadership and power through training and action.
  • Motivated. Energized. Ready to activate at a moment’s notice.
  • Learning how to advocate and influence lawmakers.
  • Committed to learning about anti-oppression and incorporating these values into our work.
  • Encouraging other residents to register to vote and engage in advocacy, and much more!

Potential to serve as model for other states

RAP’s potential to serve as a model for other states led to the involvement of the national organization Center for Community Change. Other states have already expressed interest in the model and are paying close attention to our successes.