#HomesAreEssential Virtual Town Hall

This event originally aired on Thur. July 9, 2020 at 5 p.m. PST.

The Resident Action Project and Washington Low Income Housing Alliance are excited to team up with Statewide Poverty Action Network & the Tenants Union of Washington to host a virtual town hall this Thursday, July 9 at 5 p.m! Join folks on the frontlines of the current housing crisis as they share their knowledge and experiences with lawmakers and the public. We’re excited to have the following amazing panelists join us for Homes Are Essential

  • Jennifer Bereskin-Delia (Resident Action Project, Governor’s Poverty Reduction Workgroup)
  • Danielle Caldwell (Solid Ground)
  • Terri Anderson (Tenants Union of Washington)
  • Tonette Barquet (Community Advocate)
  • Kati Ortiz (Community Advocate)

About the Moderator  

This discussion will be moderated by Pam Duncan, who is the President and CEO of Metropolitan Development Council. Pam has more than 30 years of professional work in community building and economic development, education and grant making in the nonprofit and public arena. Pam is very committed to the well-being of young people, especially those experiencing homelessness, and is also passionate about the promotion of equity. Most recently, Pam was engaged in facilitating workshops with community providers to create a better understanding and appreciation for the dismantling of institutional and individual racism. Learn more about the work Pam does with MDC at mdc-hope.org.   

Background on Event 

Even before COVID-19, we were in a housing crisis in Washington State. And this pandemic has brought to light what we’ve known to be true since the beginning: Having a safe, secure place to call home is a fundamental necessity to not only survive, but thrive. It’s the foundation that all our lives are built on, and for many that home is made possible in these challenging times through rental assistance and other basic needs programs. 

With at least a $8.8 billion budget deficit expected for Washington as a result of COVID-19, we can’t afford to let lawmakers make austerity budget cuts that target the homes of folks already marginalized within housing. Cuts to HEN and to other homelessness and human services programs like rental assistance and food assistance, will disproportionately fall on the backs of communities of color. This will increase the disproportionate harm that these communities have faced from COVID itself and your voice is urgently needed to demand a different way forward.   

We need our lawmakers to understand that #HomesAreEssential always, but especially during a global pandemic.  

Download a #HomesAreEssential flyer to share with others here.