News Corner

Many Resident Action Project members are constantly popping up around the state in various publications and community groups.  Scroll through to see what our friends are up to!  Send us updates of all the cool things you’re doing and we will post them here!

This Month’s Advocacy in Action

Check out our new blog post on RAP’s Advocacy in Action this past May! This blog post is written by our very own RAP Steering Committee member Lisa Sawyer.

Conference_Highlights2018_AlecMiller-4 copy
From left to right: RAP members Thanh Nguyen, Lisa Sawyer, Lisa Striedinger, and Mr. B, presenting the “Building Power through Organizing: Resident Action Project” session at the Conference on Ending Homelessness

In the Press

In May, RAP members went to Yakima for the Conference on Ending Homelessness, and Lisa Sawyer, RAP Steering Committee member and Real Change vender wrote a piece for Real Change about RAP events at the Conference.

Lisa Sawyer also wrote a piece for Real Change about the need to have Automatic Voter Registration. Guess what? Thanks to other advocates like Lisa, Washington state now has Automatic Voter Registration, which reduces the barriers people face to be civically engaged.

This legislative session, Mindy Woods was featured in Seattle Times for her advocacy on banning source of income discrimination. Thanks to Mindy and other RAP leaders like her, it is now illegal for landlords to deny people based on how they pay their rent!

Another RAP leader, Toya Thomas, was featured in The Stranger also for her amazing advocacy on banning source of income discrimination.

Last year, Kristina Sawyckyi was featured in the Urbanist.  Thank you for telling your story, Kristina.


In the Community

RAP is taking over Washington this week during the National Housing Week of Action! We’re hosting events throughout the state for you to check out, as well as hosting statewide conference calls for everyone to take part in.