News Corner

Many Resident Action Project members are constantly popping up around the state in various publications and community groups.  Scroll through to see what our friends are up to!  Send us updates of all the cool things you’re doing and we will post them here!

In the Press

Three of our leaders went to Washington DC in July to participate in a rally against HUD’s budget cuts!  Check out what Lisa Sawyer, Kristina Sawyckyi, and Mr. B have to say about their trip here!

Kristina Sawyckyi was featured in the Urbanist a few months ago.  Thank you for telling your story, Kristina.

Lisa Sawyer, a Real Change vendor, wrote a piece for Real Change about her experience at the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance’s annual Conference on Ending Homelessness.  She can add journalist to her repertoire!

Reneè Kimball was chosen by Senator Maria Cantwell to be her Medicaid spokesperson a few months ago. Reneè was also accepted to attend the National Alliance to End Homelessness’s annual National Conference on Ending Homelessness.

Last year, the Resident Action Project was featured in the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s Tenant Talk publication (page 10)!


In the Community

Mindy Woods is part of the Edmonds Housing Instability Coalition where she and other community members are raising awareness of the housing crisis in Edmonds. She got a selfie with Representative Cindy Ryu at their first meeting! Click here to find out more about the group.

Hill Cummings held his second Resident Action Project community meeting not too long ago in Bellingham!