Toolkit for Organizing

The Resident Action Project has its own toolkit for organizing! Visit the Toolkit for Organizing page to learn more (and to download it!).

About RAP Materials 

RAP One-Pager

RAP Brochure – print in color

RAP Brochure- print in Black & White

Print one or one hundred brochures to share with friends and community members!


How a Bill Becomes a Law

Midwest Academy Strategy Chart


Advocacy 101: The Local Edition

Housing Alliance’s Policy Priorities for 2017 Legislative Session

Combating the Criminalization of Homelessness 

Overview of Washington’s Legislative Process

Left, Right, and Center: Advocating Effectively Across the Political Spectrum

Presentations and Trainings

Organizing 101

Why RAP?

Resident Action Project Messages That Work (slides)


Register to vote or update your voter registration! 

Sign up for Action Alerts with the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

What’s my legislative district?

Bill Info | You can use this site to track bills during the legislative session.