Statewide Steering Committee

Launched in 2017, the RAP Steering Committee is a group of leaders from the RAP membership who, with support from staff of the Housing Alliance and Community Change, set RAP’s strategic goals and legislative priorities, outreach to individuals and nonprofits, oversee member events, trainings, and actions, and provide recommendations on organizational decisions for the Housing Alliance and Housing Alliance Action Fund including candidate endorsements and staff hires. As RAP grows we are working to grow the Steering Committee to represent our members across Washington state.

Meet the Steering Committee:

Ren Autrey – Vancouver

Ren Autrey is a Certified Peer Counselor and director of a small non-profit working with and advocating for people experiencing homelessness in Vancouver, WA’s 49th District. She has also spent some time experiencing homelessness while living in her van, as well as couch surfing with friends and family from California to Washington while “in-between projects” and navigating some grief, mental health and money issues that come from working in a “gig economy.” During this challenging time, she was able to see a new perspective of not only herself but also of other people navigating this world while homeless and still human. In her spare time, she enjoys photography and sharing those pictures and stories of people surviving the realities of homelessness on a Facebook page called Facing Homelessness.

Jennifer Delia – Edmonds

Bretrand Harrell (Mr. B) – Kent

Bretrand Harrell, known by many as Mr. B, works with the Resident Action Project and the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance as an advocate. He graduated from Mercer University in Georgia and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Philosophy. He joined RAP a year ago so that he could better help people who are homeless and people that are discriminated against in low-income housing. He is also a proud father of seven and grandfather of three.

Lisa Sawyer – Seattle

Kristina Sawyckyj – Seattle

Lisa Striedinger – Centralia

Lisa Striedinger is a Licensed Ordained Minister, Recovery Coach and Certified Behavioral Health Peer Counselor. Lisa advocates for those without homes, educating local leaders and community members about the realities of homelessness, extending out the hand of hope, that change can happen. Because Lisa has personally experienced being without a home, her goal is to end homelessness, and bring more affordable housing and resources into her community. Lisa is currently pursuing a career in Chemical Dependency, specializing in Alcoholism, and Mental Health. She has a Certificate of completion in Botany Science, and 3 pre-apprenticeships in the Trades field. At 48, Lisa loves Jesus; music; and her family. She is a dedicated mother of 3 wonderful children; a loving grandmother to 3 beautiful grandbabies; and a faithful, loving wife to her husband, Steven Hubbard.

Mindy Woods – Edmonds

Mindy Woods has been involved in advocacy for the past five years. She is a single mother and a veteran of the U.S. Navy, and she and her son experienced homelessness twice. During her stay at a women’s shelter, she was asked to testify on a bill in Olympia, and that sparked her passion for advocacy. She joined the Bill and Melinda Gates Homeless Advisory Board in 2012 and participated in the first Emerging Advocates Program with the class of 2013. She has since been actively civically engaged. She is currently a leader in the Resident Action Project and sees the program as an opportunity to work collectively with people in her community who are also passionate about making positive policy change.

Past Steering Committee members:

Hill Cummings – Bellingham (2017-2018)

Renee Kimball-Rouse – Bremerton (2017-2018)

Renee Kimball is an advocate and self-proclaimed “starfish thrower” from Kitsap County who believes change is made by one action at a time. Renee is driven to work on humanitarian issues through sharing a birthday with Princess Diana and living by her mom’s advice: “The Creator does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called!” She stepped up to be an advocate because she believes Justice does not happen by accident, and she has a the calling to shine light on injustice. Renee turned her life and situation from something she thought would break her, into something that built her to advocate for social justice. Renee works to build and empower a movement of those trapped under policies that are not working to house people, employ people, and ease the transition of re-entry from the prison system into a powerful group of people finding their voices. During the 2018 Legislative Session, Renee helped pass bills to  “Ban The Box” for job applicants, outlaw source of income discrimination in housing, increase document recording fees to expand homelessness assistance, and several others bills related to housing and health care. Renee is proud to be the second recipient of the Nancy Amidei Movement Builder Award, and she was recognized by Congressman Derek Kilmer for winning the such a prestigious honor. Renee was chosen by Senator Maria Cantwell to speak on behalf of Medicaid recipients for keeping the Affordable Care Act in place.