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June Events


This month is all about gearing up for in-district meetings with lawmakers, so that we can build relationships with legislators and explain why we need good solutions to housing instability and homelessness before the legislative session begins! That way, come January, we can hit the ground running.

We’re hosting trainings throughout the summer to get you ready to meet with your lawmaker and to prepare for the upcoming elections and legislative session. Here are the trainings and events we’re hosting this month.

Friday, June 15th (noon to 1pm): Join us in a Messaging training to learn how and what to say to lawmakers to help them better understand the need for policy changes. This messaging training is led by Michael Anderson from the Center for Community Change.

Wednesday, June 20th (6pm-7pm): Call in to our Statewide RAP Conference Call, where we’ll be discussing the in-district lawmaker meetings and an early August RAP Statewide Gathering! For more information on how to take part, sign up for our email list.

Friday, June 22nd (noon to 1pm): We’re having a How to Lobby training led by none other than the Housing Alliance’s Director of Policy and Advocacy: Michele Thomas! This training will give you all the skills you need to meet with lawmakers and lobby for all of the housing changes that you want to see.