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With the continuation of the global health crisis known as COVID-19, our work as organizers building a world where everyone has a safe, affordable place to call home has become even more crucial and urgent. You can’t “stay home” or “socially distance” yourself if you don’t have a stable home to practice these health and safety measures. Though this moment brings up fear and can feel overwhelming, we’ve been here before. We are resilient, and we are strong, when we work together. From sharing resources, to recruiting your community – we can rise together. Stay safe and stay strong!

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The Resident Action Project is a statewide network in Washington led by people who have experienced housing injustice. Together, we are building power to change state policy through storytelling, organizing, and civic action.

Our aim is to build a statewide network of people who are directly impacted by housing and homelessness issues who are leading the charge for social change. These issues do not exist in a vacuum. We know that too many of the people with lived experience are people of color, people who identify as LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and single parent families, and housing is one part of a larger system of oppression that we hope to address in our organizing work.

By becoming a Resident Action Project friend and member, you will gain organizing, advocacy, and policy skills.  We are connected to the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, where we have access to the resources we need to bring about justice to all Washington-ians. We welcome anyone with a lived experience and non-profit staff!

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RAP is supported by our generous sponsor Washington State Housing Finance Commission.
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Visit this page to learn more about how to bring RAP to your community and to download the Resident Action Project Toolkit for Organizing
Storytelling is one of the most crucial and effective ways for shaping the narrative around housing justice and ending homelessness. Do you want to share your story and help create a narrative of resilience and empowerment? Use this link to tell us more and get connected to our communication specialist.
Miss a statewide call? No problem! Check out our resource page for notes or videos from past RAP activities.

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What RAP Taught Me About Why I Fight for Housing Equity

Written by Ly Huynh, MSW Intern 2019-2020 Never could I have imagined where my time at the Washington Low Income Alliance would bring me. In the last 8 months, I went from not knowing that bill numbers were recycled every year to tracking state legislation as it cycled through the session. I got to work with an amazing… Continue reading What RAP Taught Me About Why I Fight for Housing Equity

Housing Champions 2020: The Importance of the Action Fund and Getting Leaders Elected 

Written by Emily Strange, QuEST Fellow You may know that there are two organizations working closely with one another to advocate and organize for housing justice at the state level: the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance (Housing Alliance) and the Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund (Action Fund). But why is having two distinct organizations necessary? How do they work to support each other? What makes them unique from one another?   The answer lies… Continue reading Housing Champions 2020: The Importance of the Action Fund and Getting Leaders Elected 

“Public Charge” is not just anti-immigrant, it’s anti-family

Written by Ly Huynh, MSW intern On February 24, 2020 the new ruling of public charge went into effect. The rule impacts people who are seeking green cards, the legal document that allows a person to become a Lawful Permanent Resident. People are considered a public charge when they use “too many” public benefits and are… Continue reading “Public Charge” is not just anti-immigrant, it’s anti-family